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January 2023 News: Mexico Headhunters also available in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Our company is currently expanding in Latin-America. Due to the successful introductions in Brazil and Mexico, we decided to expand to Chile and Argentina as well. We are now available in four countries:

Mexico: Mexico Headhunters =>

Argentina: Headhunters Argentina =>

Chile: Headhunters Chile =>

Brazil: Headhunters Brazil =>

In this way we try to facilitate international careers of Latin American executives and directors.

Article: How to make an excellent impression on headhunters? (Source: Business Week)

How to make an excellent impression on headhunters?

Why cold-calling is the wrong move and other advice so you can be on the radar of a top executive search firm

If you’re already getting the occasional call from a headhunter trying to lure you to a new management opportunity, congratulations: You’re obviously doing something right.

Maybe they’re calling because you’re a good source of market intelligence or because you’ve been instrumental in introducing them to powerful co-workers and peers. Ideally, they’re calling to entice you with an alluring career proposition. Even if that’s not the case, the fact that they’re calling you for any reason is because they know you’re plugged in and have potential. Rest assured, they never forget a favor. Continue reading

Article: Recruitment Agency or Search Firm?

The language used to reference the various types of recruiting companies often betrays the user’s knowledge of the third-party recruiting profession overall.  I’ve recently heard reference to a  “job recruiter” from someone who needed an executive search firm and many times I’ve heard executive search firms referred to as “agencies” and agencies referred to as “executive search firms”.  There are varieties of recruiting companies and the differences among them are important.  Here’s a primer.

After in-house vs. out-sourced, or third-party, the recruiting profession gets divided in to executive vs. non-executive.  Almost every recruiting company will claim that they’re executive recruiters but in reality, very few are. Continue reading

Article: How to recognize a good headhunter (Source: My Job Thoughts)

Here are the 3 triple x questions that can help you understand if the headhunters in front of you is likely to be able to help you or not:

  1. X as in Expertise: how well does the headhunter know his/ her client/ candidate, the industry or at least the position/ candidate s/he represents? Many do not even have the basic information, vital puzzle pieces you need to take a decision with a major impact on you. Ask 2-3 questions to sort the wheat from the chaff: What is the position’s/ candidate’s history, the reason for the vacancy/ the candidate’s real interest in the position? Who are the direct competitors of the company they recruit for, what are the current trends the industry is undergoing? How does your headhunter find his/ her candidates? How well can your headhunter describe the candidate’s personality/ the culture of his/ her client? And how does s/he resume your conversation and the job brief/ your key motivators? Continue reading

Article: Tips for using a headhunter (Source: Yale)

Tips for using a headhunter

Choosing to use a professional recruiter, or headhunter, in your job search is an individual decision and has become more and more common, particularly during a strong economy.  During an economic down cycle, attorneys should be more cautious when soliciting the help of a headhunter. When you are hired through a headhunter you come with a fee for the firm, one which firms may be less willing to pay during difficult economic times. 

With that being said, professional recruiters do maintain a vast network of contacts and may save the firm time in their job searching process; however using a recruiter is one resource in an effective job search. Be cautious to not rely too heavily on this one avenue at the risk of ignoring other successful job search strategies, such as networking. Continue reading

Article: How to get noticed by headhunters? (Source:

Rather than getting their hands dirty in the cutthroat job market, savvy executives get the job offers to come to them.

Executive search firms are hired by companies to find the best personnel to fill a vacancy. But you won’t find these jobs advertised in newspapers or on Internet job boards. The only way to take advantage of this hidden job market is to get noticed by the executive recruiters. Continue reading

Article: When to Use a Search Firm or Headhunter ? (Source: Alison Doyle)

When does it make sense to use a search firm or recruiter to assist with your job search?

If you seem to be stuck in a rut and you are not getting calls for interviews, it can make sense to use a recruiter to broaden your job search. It can also make sense if you are in a high level position since those jobs are not always advertised or in an industry that typically uses search firms to fill vacancies. Search firms have contacts in industries and at companies that you might not even be aware of. They can help market your resume and provide you with additional exposure to potential employers. Continue reading

Article: SHL Global Leadership Study, Mexico nr 1 (Source: SHL)

According to the global leader in talent measurement solutions, SHL, the U.S. ranks 5th in the world in its Global Leadership study for the first time. The study provided a worldwide view of leadership potential as it identified the top 25 countries with the greatest supply of potential leaders relative to its workforce. Data was analyzed from more than one million people from SHL’s global Talent Analytics™ database. Although the US currently ranks in the top five, the study showed the  nation risks a declining position as corporate globalization outpaces leadership identification and development programs, at home and abroad. Continue reading

Article: Career lessons from the world’s top leaders (Source:

Just because icons like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison aren’t alive today, doesn’t mean their leadership lessons should be forgotten. And since history always repeats itself, there is some career advice that never seems to change. Here, we take a look at the leadership philosophies of iconic leaders and how they can help you get ahead in your own career. 

  1. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell

    Career lesson: When it comes to your career, it’s impossible to take the easy way out. Most of those who’ve found success don’t have some secret connections that have helped them get ahead. Moving up in a company or building a business is always done the old-fashioned way — by striving to do your best. Continue reading