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Article: SHL Global Leadership Study, Mexico nr 1 (Source: SHL)

According to the global leader in talent measurement solutions, SHL, the U.S. ranks 5th in the world in its Global Leadership study for the first time. The study provided a worldwide view of leadership potential as it identified the top 25 countries with the greatest supply of potential leaders relative to its workforce. Data was analyzed from more than one million people from SHL’s global Talent Analytics™ database. Although the US currently ranks in the top five, the study showed the  nation risks a declining position as corporate globalization outpaces leadership identification and development programs, at home and abroad. Continue reading

Article: Career lessons from the world’s top leaders (Source:

Just because icons like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison aren’t alive today, doesn’t mean their leadership lessons should be forgotten. And since history always repeats itself, there is some career advice that never seems to change. Here, we take a look at the leadership philosophies of iconic leaders and how they can help you get ahead in your own career. 

  1. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell

    Career lesson: When it comes to your career, it’s impossible to take the easy way out. Most of those who’ve found success don’t have some secret connections that have helped them get ahead. Moving up in a company or building a business is always done the old-fashioned way — by striving to do your best. Continue reading

Article: Careers in Mexico, what kind of opportunities are out there being a foreigner?

Careers in Mexico, what kind of opportunities are out there being a foreigner?

An increasing number of professionals and skilled workers are turning to Mexico to find new employment prospects and a change in lifestyle. With the pace of life being slower, the people’s attitude to new arrivals warmer, and the cost of living generally lower than in Europe and on a par with the US and Canada, the attractions are evident:

  • The taste of a different culture.
  • Reduced stress and a quieter working life.
  • More leisure time.
  • Better climate and surroundings.
  • A career enhancing, cross-cultural commercial experience.

Major areas for employment mirror the country’s significant economic areas. Generally speaking, the foreign-owned companies in the larger industrial sectors are most likely to offer careers to non-nationals. Continue reading

Article: How to Find a Job in Mexico ? (Source: Solutions Abroad)

Being able to find a job in Mexico often depends on whom you know as well as how good your credentials are. Being bilingual is always a big bonus, especially with a knowledge of English, while other languages like French, German and Italian may also come in very handy considering the number and size of European companies doing business in Mexico. 

A good start for newly arrived foreigners may be to register with their respective embassies, chambers of commerce, or relevant social clubs, thereby beginning the process of incorporating oneself into the flow of things and finding good opportunities to begin networking. Continue reading

Article: What is a head hunter ? (Definition of a headhunter)

What is a headhunter? A head hunter is a job recruiter who specializes in matching highly skilled professionals with corporate clients. He or she might be an independent contractor or work through an agency where each agent specializes in particular areas of employment and possibly also in geographic areas.

Corporations benefit from using a head hunter or a headhunting service in two ways. It eliminates the need to place an advertisement for the open position and then address the inevitable list of applicants, most of which will be unfit for various reasons. A head hunter does the tedious work of finding good candidates, providing an initial screening mechanism that saves the corporation valuable time. In turn, the recruiter is paid a fee if he or she is able to find the right candidate, typically a small percentage of the annual starting salary of the filled position. Continue reading

Interesting event: Executive Search Congress 2013 (Las Vegas)

The inaugural World Executive Search Congress took place in 2012 and attracted Executive Search professionals from 25 countries. This unique event combined thought leadership, best practice and superlative networking opportunities for those in and around the Executive Search industry. Feedback was superb – 83% of delegates rated the event as either “Very Good” or “Excellent”. Continue reading

Excellent website statistics of Mexico Headhunters

After our recent launch we are proud to announce some interesting website statistics: 55% returning visitors, average time spent on the website 1 hour and 10 minutes (!), mainly Mexicans (especially from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey) and many clicks on the headhunter links on the homepage. In addition, our google ranking is improving every day. Some keywords already have a number 1 listing on!

Executive vacancies on Mexico Headhunters

As of today, Mexico Headhunters displays several executive vacancies on its website. All jobs are listed in the following way: jobtitle, location, salary indication and name of the specific headhunter. In this way you will get a good impression of (a selection of) interesting executive jobs which are available via the headhunters listed on our homepage.