Article: How to Find a Job in Mexico ? (Source: Solutions Abroad)

Being able to find a job in Mexico often depends on whom you know as well as how good your credentials are. Being bilingual is always a big bonus, especially with a knowledge of English, while other languages like French, German and Italian may also come in very handy considering the number and size of European companies doing business in Mexico. 

A good start for newly arrived foreigners may be to register with their respective embassies, chambers of commerce, or relevant social clubs, thereby beginning the process of incorporating oneself into the flow of things and finding good opportunities to begin networking.


For executives looking to change jobs or seeking to acquire new jobs, the best option would be through a headhunter. There are some excellent international headhunting services and companies spread throughout Mexico. Most headhunting firms require a fee for their search (usually around US$1,000), and they also insist on exclusivity for a certain period of time (about 6 months) so that they don’t end up wasting their time and the time of others. 

Note that headhunters cater to the highest bracket of the job market, dealing mainly in executives and managerial posts, as well as high-end technical employment searches.

Where to Look

Another good way to find a job is by looking on-line. Look through Internet employment sites and forums where you can find information and also interact with others who may know of opportunities. Exchange advice and experience with others who are (or were) in a similar predicament as yourself. Make sure to also contact chambers of commerce, be they foreign or local, as they have their own employment agencies where you can search for vacancies and post notices. 

Also make sure you check out the daily classifieds in Mexico’s various newspapers and their respective websites. Note that relocation specialists can also come in very handy in terms of contacts and tips. Once you’ve acquired a job, and assuming you don’t already have a working visa, your company should sponsor your FM3 working visa so that you can work legally. 

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